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3 ways to revive your living room for Chinese New Year

15 January 2016 - Events, Inspiration

If you’re in the mood for change, ready for the Lunar New Year, the best place to start is at home. With only a month to go, it might be a bit too ambitious to repaint the walls or purchase new furniture. But all’s not lost – here are 3 easy and effective ways to rejuvenate your living room! 

1.  Inject festive accents into the space 

Instead of the traditional Chinese New Year decorations opt for a style that blends in with your current décor. Your home can look equally festive with muted reds, oranges and pinks which you can easily incorporate into your home décor through accessories such as table runners, tableware or soft furnishings like curtains and cushion covers.

To make these lively colours pop even more, go for fabrics with bold graphic motifs. These festive additions can even stay for the rest of the year to add a little more cheer to your home. 

2.  Rejuvenate the couch with new cushions
Change the look of your sofa by throwing in a new set of cushions, or cushion covers. To pull off a more polished look for the living room, use the cushions to echo the rest of the room’s colour scheme. For example, ochre and grey-coloured cushions can bring out the earthy shades of a room that’s bathed in neutral tones.

3.  Update the sofa cover
The fabric and leather upholstery on King Living’s sofas are tailored and held in place with Velcro, allowing them to be easily removed for spring cleaning. So if your existing cover is looking a little worn out and dated, simply change your sofa’s covers and it’s as if you’ve got a brand new couch! 


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