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5 sofas every family home needs

12 November 2015 - Design, Lifestyle

It’s that time of the year again when school is out and the kids are in! This means more family time at home, but like most multi-generational homes, it can be a daily struggle trying to keep the space tidy. Creating a family home that reflects your personality can often be challenging as it needs to accommodate each individual’s lifestyle and needs. 

Also, finding storage space to hide away clutter that naturally builds up over time is always an on going battle. On top of that, young families are not only looking for functionality in their home, but style as well. Whether it’s a sophisticated, cheery, or sleek look, discerning homeowners want their homes to have a unique personality. 

Over at King Living, there’s always a clever solution for modern homes. Here are 5 family-friendly King Living designs that prove that you don’t have to compromise style for functionality!


With its big, comfy cushions, Jasper provides the perfect spot for families to get together, kick back, and relax at the end of each day. 

And thanks to Jasper’s modular design, families can reconfigure the sofa to suit different occasions. It can be transformed into a bed for a cosy stay-in movie night, or split up into individual seating when hosting bigger parties! Click Here for more information on Jasper.

Delta Metro

With discreet storage compartment under its seats, the Delta Metro can put clutter at home out of sight, and out of mind. This sofa’s compact dimensions also make it the perfect space-efficient solution for tighter spaces such as HDB apartments. And if you have an impromptu guest staying over, simply reconfigure the Delta Metro into a bed for two. Click Here for more information on Delta Metro. 


For the children’s study or playroom, opt for furniture in vibrant colours. The retro-inspired Uno sofa, like all King Living sofas, comes in removable covers that enables you to extend its lifecycle by washing and maintaining its cover. You can also choose from a wide range of high quality-premium fabrics and luxurious leather finishes!  Uno’s versatile design includes removeable arms and backrests, so it can be turned into a day bed or ottoman in a jiffy. Click Here for more information on Uno.


With seats, backs, arms and tables that are all easily interchangeable, the Houdini offers homeowners endless possibilities. This clever design can even be configured into a queen-sized bed! Click Here for more information on Houdini. 

King Cloud II

The ultimate recliner lounge, King Cloud II features a headrest and recliner mechanism and an adjustable back, giving you just the right level of support for full body comfort. Using King Cloud II's discreetly integrated TouchGlide® control technology, the position of each sofa seat and headrest can be effortlessly adjusted to suit the preference of the individual.

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