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Saving grace this Christmas: The adaptable sofa

16 December 2015 - Lifestyle, News, Product Spotlight

The living room – which may only have been used for quiet family nights in – now has to serve multiple functions. From playing host to family and friends, to putting up the occasional overnight guest, to adapting with the festive décor. 

A modular sofa set would be the key to ensuring utmost comfort for you and your guests. King Living’s flexible sofa designs have numerous configurations to adapt to different occasions, thanks to its interchangeable seats, backs, arms and tables that allow you to transform your sleek sofa into variations suited for various settings. 

Delta Metro: The 2-in-1 sofa-bed for hosts with small homes

Staying in a small apartment with no guest room? Hesitant about hosting your relatives from overseas as there is insufficient place for them to sleep? With the Delta Metro, you can transform the sophisticated sofa into a comfortable bed and turn your small living room into a cosy, temporary bedroom. The back cushion not only falls back 90 degrees to form a bed, but can be pushed further down to form a footrest as well! 

Chorus: Create the best seating arrangement for any activity

The Chorus is compromised of various sized seats, all of which can be easily moved around, enabling the sofa to adapt for different types of gatherings! Create an elongated seating space for everyone to watch the latest Christmas movie comfortably, or rearrange it into a circular fashion for a more intimate space for post-dinner chatter. 

The removable timber shelves at the ends of the Chorus sofa also enables guests to place and reach for their drinks more easily. It’s also perfect for laying out snacks and nibbles, or displaying Christmas decorations and gifts!

King Dream: The host’s dream sofa with extra storage space for guests

Save yourself the trouble of finding places to hide away clutter before your guests arrive – the King Dream  is not only a spacious sofa, but also provides you with cleverly hidden compartments under each seat. The storage modules are also incorporated with an easy-lift mechanism that allows you to reach into its generous storage capacity without breaking out in a sweat. Further impress your guests with the King Dream ’s optional TouchGlideⓇ control technology that allows them to recline the seat with a light touch. 

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