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Smart designs take lounging to the next level

27 September 2016 - Design

When everything is at your fingertips, unwinding on the sofa is much more enjoyable. Easy to reach drinks, somewhere close to safely charge your mobile phone, and a handy storage space for your favourite book or the remote control - convenience certainly helps ease the pressure of a busy life. 

Our design team works tirelessly to create sofas that make relaxing simple, and to enhance this experience King Living sofas can include Smart Pockets™ for truly convenient lounging – in the living, bedroom, or even the home theatre.

King Living Smart Pockets™ keep everything within easy reach including lights, speakers, tables, and charging tables for smart devices. Smart Pockets™ can be positioned on the arms and back of your sofa, and can store magazines, books and remote controls; everything’s close and yet discreetly hidden from view.

The inclusion of Smart Pockets™ on the sofa can maximise your floor space, too. Create exceptionally functional spaces with the addition of Smart Tables, Speaker Brackets, LED Lights and Charging Tables. With these clever accessories on your sofa, there’s no need for additional side tables or floor lamps that take up precious floor space.

Smart Pockets™ minimise clutter as all cords are channelled through the pocket design to create a streamlined finish. Guests’ eyes will be drawn to the stylish sofa and clever accessories – not the untidiness of messy cords.

Whether you’re reading a book, needing a battery charge, entertaining or working from home, convenience and lounging in comfort is the goal with every King Living sofa design. The addition of Smart Pockets™ keeps you effortlessly organised, and the added convenience of the Charging Tables means tablets and mobiles are always ready to go.

To experience how relaxing the Smart Pockets™ and accessories can make your life – visit a Showroom and ask the King Living team to create a personalised sofa oasis for you to try. 

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