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30 March 2017 - Inspiration

Well loved for its modularity and sleek profile, the Jasper sofa can be found in rooms big and small. King Living recently invited two Singaporean interior designers to showcase the ever-popular Jasper in two different settings.

This mid-size Jasper looks right at home in this chinoiserie setting reminiscent of a gentleman’s lounge. Lawrence Puah, founder and director of interior architecture firm Akihaus, showcases the Jasper in King Living leather alongside complementary furniture and accessories. Lattice wood screens offer the perfect finishing touch to the entire look. Black throw cushions, decorative sculptures and globular table lamps soften the look and make the room feel cosy and welcoming. The modular nature of the Jasper allows the backrests and armrests to be easily removed and swapped around, creating different configurations of the same sofa. As pictured here, it can be arranged as a L-shaped sofa for a corner setting or split apart for a party-friendly set-up. Keep your favourite reads within easy reach with Jasper’s shelving units. With a timber veneer available in various finishes, these shelves add a touch of warmth while making sure that your storage needs are also met.

Director of Living Gaia, Clive Tan, chose a vibrant blue shade for the compact Jasper Metro sofa to encourage an energetic space for young couples who are doing up their first home. Pictured here in Luxe Ocean fabric, the Jasper can be upholstered in a variety of premium fabrics and luxurious European leathers. Grey cushions with a silver tint give it an elegant look while the subtle prints and textures add visual interest. A timber tray is placed on top of the Bongo  to create an occasional table that also doubles as a footstool. 

Whether you’re looking to furnish a small sitting room or a generously sized sitting lounge, the Jasper is able to do all. The advantage of the Jasper lies in its multiple sizes and its ability to be configured into many different settings thanks to its modular design. One of these many possibilities is to create a large sofa that would fit into a cavernous space. In this setting, Clive created a welcoming look with this full-size Jasper upholstered in Prestige leather, based on his interpretation of Peranakan culture. Completing the look are bronze-coloured cushions and red and gold accessories, perfect for the multi-generational Asian family.

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