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Honest Zaza Sofa review: is it the right modular design for you?

Choosing a sofa for your home matters.  

The scene of many pivotal moments in home life, your sofa is a central gathering point in your home. 

The process of choosing the right sofa starts with understanding your lifestyle needs and having all the facts about its design.  

At KING, sustainability drives innovation. Our designs are engineered to last a lifetime and evolve with you throughout your life. When you purchase a KING sofa, we aim for you to buy with confidence and enjoy this quality and longevity for years into the future.   

For that to happen, we need to be transparent, give you all the facts, and ensure you have all the information about our designs.  

This article will explore all the benefits and drawbacks of owning a Zaza, including modularity, style, customisation, price, and unique features. 

We believe that having all the information up front lets you know if Zaza is the right sofa for you. 


What are Zaza's unique design features?


Developed in collaboration with acclaimed designer Charles Wilson, Zaza is characterised by relaxed tailored forms, organic lines and distinctive edge stitching. 

Resting on slender steel legs, Zaza’s exquisite contemporary design features adjustable arms and backs, allowing you to personalise your comfort. 

Charles says Zaza’s contemporary design is enhanced with the KING premium selection of high-quality fabrics and luxurious leathers that have timeless appeal.  

“I wanted to create an organic design with a more relaxed feel, but with similar comfort and versatility, true to the KING design ethos. The leaf-like forms on the arms and backrest are accentuated by distinctive double edge etching, which makes the sofa unique.” 

Engineered to offer luxurious comfort in a sleek contemporary design, Zaza suits both residential and commercial environments.   

With rectangular sophistication, Zaza achieves a level of refinement that is both elegant and casual. 


With a sleek profile and tailored forms, Zaza boasts a sophisticated modern aesthetic. 


How is Zaza constructed?


A sofa that looks good is one thing, but for most of us comfort and durability are also important.      

With Zaza, the plush cushioning and refined finish conceal an innovative network of engineered comfort. A thick overlay of Ultradown® delivers the signature sink-in comfort, while the KING steel frame combined with the Postureflex® Seating System provides long-lasting support and comfort.  

Zaza indoor and outdoor designs are comprised of a plush high-backed shell that cradles the deep cushions. The robust steel frame is the functional core, allowing Zaza's elegant slender steel legs, and the backs and arms that are detachable and adjustable.   

Like all KING sofa designs, Zaza is engineered to last a lifetime and comes with a 25-year steel frame warranty while the Zaza Outdoor comes with a 10-year Outdoor Frame Warranty. 


Featuring the KING steel frame combined with the Postureflex® Seating System, Zaza is designed to last for generations. 


Why the Zaza Sofa might not be right for you?


The style is contemporary

Unveiled in 2017, Zaza's contemporary design boasts organic lines and tailored forms to embrace a modern aesthetic. 

While Zaza's relaxed contemporary design complements residential and commercial environments, its modern allure won't suit everyone's aesthetic. 

Zaza features slender arms and backs available in flexible or fixed designs. While the sleek profile maximises the seating space, the arms and backs are also high and can segregate your space. 

For the flexible arms and backs to recline, you will need to allow extra space and position Zaza away from the wall. This is something you will need to factor into your floorplan.  

To maintain the appearance of Zaza's removable back cushions, you will also need to rotate and fluff them regularly. 



Featuring crisp angular forms contrasted with sumptuous cushioning, Zaza brings inviting tactility and warmth to your space. 



Zaza offers less modular flexibility than other KING designs

At KING, we embrace modular sophistication and flexible living, as illustrated in our versatile designs.   

However, with Zaza you do not have the flexibility to change the configuration endlessly like some designs in our Sofa Collection. 

Instead, the arms and backs are detachable, and you can combine two or three-seater sofas to create different settings. The integrated hinges in the flexible arms and backs allow for various comfort settings. Folding the flexible arms down also allows you to convert your two-seater sofa into a daybed. 

Unlike other designs in the KING Sofa Collection, Zaza does not convert into a Queen bed. 

If you are looking for a fully modular sofa that offers endless configurations and can easily convert into a queen bed, Zaza won't be the right sofa for you. 


The cost is not transparent

The right sofa for you is the sofa that meets all your needs, including being within your budget.  

Zaza sofa packages range in price from $2,690 for a two-seater to $5,150 for a three-seater sofa with an angled chaise. As Zaza is a made-to-order sofa with customisable options, these prices are the starting price, not fixed.  

You have the flexibility to select deep or standard seats and tailor Zaza in your choice of premium fabric or luxury European leather. However, it is important to note that fabrics are coded according to price and may add to starting price of your Zaza. 


Manufacturing and lead time

At KING, our designs are made-to-order. Aside from a selection of in-stock designs, we do not have a warehouse with sofas ready to dispatch at the time of purchase.  

After finalising your Zaza order, delivery takes upwards of eight weeks.  


With slender steel legs and an exquisite organic silhouette, Zaza brings balance to the space.   


Why Zaza could be the perfect sofa for you


Zaza boasts a modern aesthetic

Zaza is a favourite of many of our interior design partners who love the design’s organic sophistication.   

Resting softly on bronze sleigh legs, the modern design is accentuated by distinctive double-edge stitching and a relaxed tailored finish. 

Deep seats invite you into a cocoon of plush cushioning. The option of adjustable arms and backs allows you to set the angle that best suits your comfort level. 

If you love a tailored designer look combined with functionality then Zaza might be the right sofa for you. 


Zaza is made to order and customisable

In a KING Showroom or online, you will see Zaza sofa layouts and configurations curated by our design team. You have the flexibility to tailor the design to suit your colour palette, functionally needs and comfort preferences.   

From the designs you see in the Showroom and online, you have the option to:  

  • Change the chaise position  
  • Select deep or standard seat depths  
  • Select the material finish   
  • Combining two and three-seater designs to create a custom configuration 
  • Choice of fixed or adjustable arms and back that allow you to choose the angle that best suits your comfort level. 


Zaza features tailored removable covers

Customised in your choice of premium fabric or luxury European leather, Zaza features tailored covers, which are easily removed for professional cleaning or replacement by the King Care® team. 

Replacing the covers gives your Zaza an entirely fresh look without the expense of purchasing a new sofa.  


Experience unrivalled comfort with deep seats and sumptuous back cushions. 


Is the Zaza Sofa right for you?


From a movie night with the family to entertaining friends or snuggling up with a loved one, your sofa is one of the most used and universal pieces of furniture in your home.  

Having all the facts about the sofa's design and thinking about what you need from your sofa will help you make an informed decision about Zaza.  


Zaza facts to remember:

  • Modern aesthetic with contemporary flair and angular forms  
  • Adjustable arms and backs  
  • Indoor and outdoor designs   
  • Completely customisable and made-to-order   
  • Sumptuous seat cushions engulf the internal structure 
  • Not as modular as other KING sofas – it does not transform into a queen bed. 


If the pros outweigh the cons and you feel Zaza is the right sofa for you, view the Zaza Collection to discover the different packages available. 

If you’re not sure about Zaza and you’d like to dig a little deeper into the decision-making process have a look at our guide choosing a sofa that’s right for you.