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Discover best sofa beds by KING

Whether a family member is visiting for the weekend, or your kids are hosting a sleepover, having a spare bed can provide a world of convenience and comfort.   

While not everyone will have the space for a guest bedroom, the alternative does not need to be an uncomfortable inflatable mattress.   

With a sophisticated mechanism concealed within the sofa frame, a sofa bed easily folds out to provide guests with the luxury of a full-sized comfortable bed. This allows you to convert your living space or study into a guest bedroom within seconds.  

For five decades, KING has embraced modular design and flexibility. All our sofa designs, including our sofa beds, feature our innovative steel frame and Postureflex® Seating System to provide ultimate support and comfort.  

Our sofa beds are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional, making them a versatile option for any home. This article will showcase three of our fold-out sofa beds - Oscar Sofa Bed, Felix Studio Bed, and ReoGrand Sofa Bed Smart – and two of our most popular modular sofa designs – Delta and Jasper.   

After reading this article, you will know about the best sofa beds by KING and if one of the designs will be right for you and your space. 


The Oscar Sofa Bed features slender arms to maximise the seating and sleeping surface. 


Oscar Sofa Bed


The Oscar Sofa Bed is beautifully simple and contemporary. The considered design effortlessly folds out to a comfortable bed for two in one easy movement and does not require the back or seat cushions to be removed.  

Sofa and mattress size


The Oscar Sofa Bed is available in one size. The two-seater sofa folds out into a comfortable bed similar in size to a double bed. 


The Oscar Sofa Bed converts from a two-seater sofa into a comfortable guest bed in one single folding movement. 


Sofa features


Perfect for apartment living, a home office and small guest bedrooms. The Oscar Sofa Bed features wide-plush seats with slender arms to maximise the seating and sleeping surface. 

The space-saving design also boasts the KING Sleep+ Mattress under the seat cushions to create a uniquely comfortable sofa bed. As the Oscar Sofa Bed is dual sided, you do not need remove the back or seat cushions and there are no metal bars in the mattress.  

Like all KING Sofas, the Oscar Sofa Bed is engineered with a steel frame, the Postureflex® Seating System, and KingCell Springs in the seat cushions.  


The Felix Studio Bed features Smart Pocket™ arms for easy integration of Smart Accessories, such as LED reading lights, swivel tables and charge tables. 


 Felix Studio Bed


Redefining flexibility and functionality for modern living, the Felix Studio Bed transforms from sofa to bed at the touch of a button with TouchGlide® Control Technology 

The Integrated TouchGlide® Control Technology effortlessly extends the seat depth—perfect for deep-seated lounging or accommodating overnight guests. 

Sofa and mattress size


The Felix Studio Bed adds versatility to your space and offers exceptional comfort for both day and night. The two-seater sofa extends into a generous King Single. 


Sofa features


Featuring a low slimline design and deep comfortable seats with tufted cushions, the Felix Studio Bed blends classical elegance with contemporary flair. 

Embracing technology and functionality, the Felix Studio Bed features discreet Smart Pockets™ for easy integration of Smart Accessories, including side tables with optional wireless charging and the gesture-controlled LED Lume Light, each available in signature timber finishes.  

The low-slimline design creates a grounded look while the Smart Pockets maximises space, allowing you to store remote controls and magazines. With TouchGlide® Control Technology, your sofa reclines into a bed with the touch of a button and will need to be positioned near a power source.  

As with all KING Sofas, the Postureflex® Seating System works together with the steel frame to provide the ultimate support for your body and maintain the look of the sofa over many years. 


The ReoGrand Sofa Bed Smart features a plush 15-position adjustable headrest and wide-comfortable seats. 


ReoGrand Sofa Bed Smart


The epitome of form and function, the ReoGrand Sofa Bed Smart is where elegant design meets first-class comfort. Equipped with a 15-position adjustable headrest, wide seats, and optional Smart Pockets, the ReoGrand Sofa Bed perfectly balances comfort with functionality and innovative design 

Sofa and mattress size


The ReoGrand Sofa Bed features wide-comfortable seats with narrow arms to maximise seating and sleeping space within a minimal footprint. The ReoGrand Sofa Bed effortlessly converts from a refined two-seater sofa to a comfortable double bed in seconds.  

The easy-to-open mechanism allows for a single movement without removing the back cushions. 


Boasting a dual-sided design, the ReoGrand Sofa Bed features a Sleep+ Mattress underneath the sofa surface.


Sofa features


The ReoGrand Sofa Bed is the ultimate blend of contemporary design, functionality and comfort. The 15-position adjustable headrest is complemented by a streamlined aesthetic and deep-seated comfort. 

The deep seats are paired with narrow arms to maximise the sleeping and seating surface while the steel frame, Postureflex® Seating System, and KingCell® Springs work together to create a foundation for comfort.  

Combined with a Sleep+ Mattress, the ReoGrand Sofa Bed provides exceptional comfort and support.  



As a modular design, Delta effortlessly converts into numerous settings including a comfortable and plush guest bed.




Recognised for uncompromised comfort and modular flexibility, Delta is refined, versatile and beautifully simple.  

As a modular sofa, Delta easily converts into a comfortable guest bed. Unlike a sofa bed mechanism, which allows you to fold out your sofa bed, Delta features separate modules that connect to make a bed. 


With Bed Brackets, your Delta Sofa easily converts into a bed. Delta is featured above in the Hamilton Silver Surf fabric.  


Sofa and mattress size


As a modular sofa, Delta effortlessly converts into a comfortable bed and a range of different configurations.  

Delta sofa sizes range from compact two-seater sofas with chaise to larger five-seater designs. Visit the Delta product page to see our full range of Delta Package options.  

When arranged in a guest bed, the Delta is similar in size to a Queen mattress.  


Delta designs feature optional underseat storage and Smart Pocket arms for integrated Smart Accessories. 


Sofa features


Designed for flexible living, Delta is perfect for smaller spaces and can change seamlessly into numerous configurations. From a three-seater sofa to a two-seater with a chaise or a guest bed, Delta is one of our most versatile sofas.  

Optional Smart Pockets™ allow for a range of Smart Accessories, while optional under-seat storage makes it easy to stow away items when they are not needed.  

As a modular design, the sofa seats become the sleeping surface, Delta does not feature a Sleep+ Mattress or a fold-out mechanism. 

First introduced in 1998, Delta revolutionised Australian furniture design with its embrace of flexible living. The modular design adapts to how you live now, tomorrow and years in the future.   


Featured above is Jasper Package 1A with the Monument Coffee Table, Issho Coffee & Side Table, and the Oliver Tub Chairs. 




Jasper is a very versatile sofa. Modular components rearrange into almost limitless configurations, including a luxurious guest bed. Customised options include clever hidden storage, integrated shelving, and a media console.   


Jasper's integrated timber shelves can be used as bedside tables when arranged as a guest bed. 


Sofa and mattress size


Jasper Package options range from a modest two-seater sofa with a chaise to a large three-seater design with twin chaises that can comfortably seat five to seven.  The sleeping surface is similar in size to a Queen bed.  

Visit the Jasper product page to discover our full range of Jasper Sofa Packages. 


Tailor Jasper to suit your home and comfort needs. Customised options include clever hidden storage, shelving and a media console. 


Sofa features


First unveiled in 2003, Jasper is our best-selling sofa. Our customers choose Jasper because of its timeless and relaxed style, comfort, versatility, and integrated timber shelving.   

One of the many benefits of buying a Jasper is you can always add additional modules and components in the future - making Jasper a good choice for growing families or those who move regularly and need a sofa that can adapt to different spaces and layouts.   

Jasper gives you the flexibility to customise the comfort of the seat cushions. Depending on your comfort preferences, you can tailor the seat cushions with memory foam or a feather overlay.   

Jasper also features a detachable bolster for additional support and comfort. 

Unlike our fold-out sofa bed designs, Jasper does not feature a Sleep+ Mattress, the seat cushions become the sleeping surface.  


KING Sofa Beds are available in fold-out or modular designs and in various styles and sizes to suit all interiors and spaces.  


Things to consider before choosing your sofa bed


As the name suggests, a sofa bed serves two functions — comfortable seating and lounging as the primary function, and a spare bed when needed.  

Before selecting your sofa bed to function as an occasional bed, you need to consider how you will use the design as a sofa.  

If your sofa bed is for your study and not regularly used as a sofa, a compact design such as the Oscar, Felix or ReoGrand may suit your needs.  

If your sofa bed is used primarily as a sofa, you may prefer Delta or Jasper, as these designs can seat multiple people and be arranged in various configurations.   

Another thing to consider is if you move regularly, a modular design separates into single modules making it easier to transport. And, as the design reconfigures into endless settings, you can arrange the sofa to suit any space or layout.  



If you are unsure if a sofa bed is right for your needs or space, you can read our article on the top things to consider before buying your sofa. You can also view our full range of sofas on the sofa product page. 

If you know which sofa bed is right for your home, you can visit your nearest KING Showroom or start customising your design online. All KING Sofas and Sofa Beds are customised in your choice of premium fabric or luxury European leather.