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How to furnish small spaces: Infinity x King Living

27 Sep 2019 |  Inspiration

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Mastering the art of furnishing small spaces can be a perplexing proportional nightmare.

With Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method becoming a phenomenon throughout the world, the key takeaway is to keep your environment clutter-free – and this is especially valuable for small living spaces.

It is definitely possible to live in a beautiful small space without compromising on your quality of life. King Living’s collaboration with Crown Group to furnish the display apartment at Infinity designed by the award-winning architect Koichi Takada, is an example of the endless possibilities of decorating small living spaces. Below are considerations for furnishing a small space.

Statement Piece

One of the simplest ways to detract attention from noticing a room’s smaller footprint is to anchor every space with a statement furniture. For those more adventurous, deciding upon a bold colour like the featured Seymour Mid Fixed Chair in the bright Positano Cinnamon fabric is the best way to create a focal point.


Round Dining Tables

Understanding how proportions work is essential for smaller living spaces. The same way mirrors help expand a room, opt for smaller-frame furniture to create the illusion that the space is larger. This is particularly essential when deciding on a dining table. A large, decorative table will take up more space than a smaller table of the same style. Follow this method when selecting chairs as well and go for armless dining chairs like the featured Quay Indoor Armless Dining Chairs to keep the dining room feeling open and comfortable. When deciding on tabletops, opt for those with round tops opposed to rectangular, as they work better to maximise your space.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are a great way to help reduce visual clutter and maximise floor space. They will reduce the need for additional furniture like wardrobes, dressers etc., – in turn freeing up more floor space for movement and ensuring your room feels clutter free and at its functional best.

The elegant Serenade Storage Bedcomes with a generous in-built storage compartment, making it an ideal fit for small bedrooms. The luxurious headboard is also customisable and can be covered in a range of premium fabrics or European leathers.


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