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Know the King Difference

16 Jan 2019 |  Inspiration

“The engineered steel frame of a king living sofa puts it in a different league to other sofas in terms of durability and support, and removable covers guarantee longevity and the ability to update when you feel like a change of style!"

Neale Whitaker

What you should know before you buy your new sofa.

What's the frame made of?

Ordinary sofas have wooden frames, staples, dowels and glue that becomes unstuck, warp and creak over time. King Living sofas feature an engineered steel frame – to provide the ultimate in durability and support backed by a 25-year steel frame warranty. It’s the steel frame that also gives King Living sofas their renowned flexibility

Will the sofa provide long lasting personal comfort?

Ordinary sofas have elastic webbing and metal springs that lose their stretch, tend to sag and become uncomfortable over time. King Living’s Postureflex® Seating System, similar to that used in luxury cars, combined with the luxurious KingCell spring cushioning, retains the sofas shape and provides you with exceptional support and long-lasting personal comfort for life.

Can I reconfigure and rearrange the modular sofa?

Ordinary sofas are fixed units that can’t be reconfigured or rearranged. King Living offer true modular component based flexible sofas, that allow you to remove cushions, arms and backs to change and reconfigure your sofa whenever you need. Even if you move home, King Living sofas can be re-arranged to suit your new living room.

Does it have storage?


Ordinary sofas boast storage, but all too often it’s small, obstructed and made with poor quality materials. At King Living, the storage space is generous and the entire space is usable – with no support bars to get in the way.


Are the leather or fabric covers removable?


Ordinary sofas have stapled and glued fabrics and leather upholstery on their frames, making their covers unable to be replaced. King Living covers are tailored and designed to be removable. It’s easy and affordable to freshen up your King Living sofa’s style as removable covers can be completely replaced in future years without reupholstering – your sofa could be recycled over generations.

Can you add/remove sofa accessories over time?


Unlike ordinary sofas, King Living sofas feature convenient, purpose-built sofa accessories that easily connect to the arm or base of your sofa to complement your lifestyle. Choose from charging tables that wirelessly charge your mobile phone, LED lights and more. King Living sofa accessories can be easily removed, changed or upgraded at any time.

Who is it made by?


You should know exactly what’s inside your sofa. King Living sofas are designed and manufactured in our fully-owned and operated production facilities. This means that we can control the quality every step of the way unlike other furniture companies. Only King Living sofas are made in our facilities.


Is the sofa made to order in my choice of cover?


Unlike ordinary sofas, King Living sofas are proudly tailor made and hand-crafted in King Living’s own production facilities to your exact requirements. Your name is stitched on the label as a finishing touch making it uniquely yours.


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