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Iconic award-winning Jasper II

04 Mar 2020 |  Design Product spotlight

A Story of Legacy

The world's best sofas demand the finest materials and the most exacting attention to detail

The ultimate expression of King Living’s flexibility and comfort is the multi award-winning Jasper. Jasper II celebrates quality craftsmanship and timelessness, with its luxurious contemporary aesthetic and unique features.

Designed on a series of floating platforms, Jasper can be effortlessly reconfigured in just minutes to create any number of possibilities, even a heavenly guest bed for two.

Supremely comfortable, Jasper offers a variety of back, arm and seat choices, feather with Ultradown® overlay or memory foam, as well as optional timber shelves.

A Story of Legacy

Innovative optional features include timber charge shelves, LED smart sofa light and integrated Smart Pockets™️. Jasper is the one sofa designed for comfort on any occasion.

Luxurious Leathers

TrueTouch leather collection

Exclusive to King Living, TrueTouch is crafted in Germany by the same legendary tannery that produces leather for Rolls-Royce. 

A true connoisseurs' leather, less than 2% of the world's hides are worthy to produce one of the most luxurious leathers, TrueTouch.

A Story of Legacy

The art of TrueTouch leather

King Living's luxurious full grain TrueTouch leathers have the colour tanned right through the entire thickness of the leather for durability and style. There are no surface correction on the leather and only the lightest pigment is used which allows the leather to breathe, making the leather warm in winter and cool in summer. TrueTouch leather is superb to touch and arguably the finest upholstery leather available today. 

TrueTouch leathers are a breakthrough in leather technology with light-fastness and wear properties not previously possible. TrueTouch leathers are water and stain repellent treated during the tanning process and are therefore easy to clean and maintain. 

Tradition of excellence

The TrueTouch leather tannery is located in the Saxony region of Germany that has a tradtion of tanning that stretches back over 800 years. The professionals working here have ancestors who were already experts in their craft.

Leather for life

With the lightest pigment used, TrueTouch leather will outlast and out-perform ordinary leather. Whereas ordinary leather can be cut by machine, TrueTouch demands exceptional skill and craftsmanship.

The world's best sofas demand the finest materials and the most exacting attention to detail. King Living’s luxurious full grain TrueTouch collection is available in a range of signature colours.


A Story of Legacy

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