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  • A Wide Range of Sofa Bed Options
    Part of our extensive sofa collection, our sofa beds range from convertible modular models to sofas that have a pull-out bed underneath the cushions. Whether you purchase your sofa bed online or in one of our Showrooms, it pays to look over the available options to see which suits you best.
  • •           Convertible modular sofas: If you have the space for a modular sofa, like our Delta III SEP or ourJasper II, you can reconfigure the sofa into an intimate setting for two one day, expand it when you need extra seating for party guests, and even turn it into a sofa couch bed that sleeps two people comfortably. These sofas combine contemporary design with practicality for a perfect solution.
    •           Sofa pull-out beds: If a modular sofa doesn’t fit your room size or your design aesthetic, a traditional sofa bed—like our ReoGrand or Oscar models. These sofas look as sleek and stylish as our other classic sofas—but inside, there’s a pull-out bed, complete with a KingCell mattress, that can provide your guests with the best night’s sleep they ever had.

    •           Extended sofas: Perfect for smaller apartments or other accommodations where space is a premium, these double-duty sofas extend to create a comfortable bed for yourself or an overnight guest. Our Felix studio bed, for instance, functions as a compact sofa during the day, but at the touch of a button, extends its base to create a comfortable chaise lounge sofa bed. On the other hand, our Uno sofa can be transformed into a bed simply by pulling down the armrests, and letting down the backrest, giving your guest a comfortable night’s sleep. You can even change the sofa into an ottoman by removing the backrests.
    It’s always a good idea to have an option available for guests. Buying one of these sofa bed options gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Choose Built-in Extras for Added Comfort
    Most of our sofa bed models—just like our regular sofas—have extras available, like Smart Pocket™ accessories that include a charge table, an LED reading (or bedside) lamp, or a wireless charging table for your devices. All of them carry a 25-year guarantee on their sturdy steel frames and have premium fabric or leather covers you can change when you update your home’s décor.
  • Coordinate Your Sleep Sofa with Your Home’s Overall Decor
    And, just like our other sofa products, our sleep sofas, daybeds, and convertible sofa couch beds coordinate with the rest of our furniture collections to achieve a seamless look throughout your home. Customise your new sofa bed with leather, fabric, and timber colours that blend in with your existing furnishings.
  • Order Your Sofa Couch Bed Online or in Our Showroom
    Our design staff make it easy for you to order online. If you don’t have the time to visit us in person, we can help you customise your selection via online chat or over the phone. With a mere 25 per cent deposit, we can get the process started. Depending on where you live and the options you order, you can expect delivery within about six to 12 weeks, in most cases. Or, if you prefer to see these elegant sofa beds in person, there’s likely a King Living Showroom near you. At our showroom, one of our design team members can show you your fabric, leather and timber options. You can also learn how each sleep sofa works, so you can choose the model that best fits your needs. If you love to entertain, don’t limit your hospitality to daytime and evening parties. Host your guests overnight in style with a sofa bed from King Living. Find yours today.

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